Thank you for attending the 3rd Annual Georgia Tech Auto Show and visiting this website. We hope you have enjoyed the show and will plan to attend annually. This is your event! Please help the organizers make the 2007 Show even better. Filling out his feedback form will help promote this show to the Institute administration, future sponsors and corporate partners. Your participation is very important and greatly appreciated. With your help this unique show will continue to prosper and become one of Georgia Tech’s signature events, benefiting the individuals, academic programs and corporate partners that make up the Georgia Tech Community

Please answer the following questions; give us your impressions, suggestions, and experience of this event; join in this contribution and celebration of Georgia Tech.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you March 31, 2007. Thank you!

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Please share with us your experience at the show. You may use the questions below to facilitate and inspire your response. This will help us make the 4th Annual Georgia Tech Auto Show even better!
What did you like or dislike most about the show?
What would you suggest to improve the show?
Did you attend the first two shows?
Are you planning on attending next year's show?
What did you learn from the website's history section?
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Did you attend Franco Cimatti's presentation?
Did it inspire you? In what way?
How do you feel about the show's sponsors?
Are you now more likely to do business with them?
What is the main reason you came to the show?
What other 'event' would complement to the show?,technical,etc.
Do you know any of the companies or individuals who would be interested in being a sponsor of future auto shows?