1972 Porsche 914 For Sale


Silver with tan interior


This 914 has been assembled from several different cars, using the best pieces from each.

The chassis is a 1972 which has always been silver. The doors have been taken from another car, and the hood and decklid from another. The back-side of the hood and trunk are orange, and the backside of the doors are yellow. The paint was recently sprayed on a straight body but is not a professional job. The front bumper is steel and has the fog light option. The rear bumper is a new light weight fiberglass reproduction. The rear valance is missing.

The chassis has average rust patterns for a 914. I have seen MUCH worse and much better. The area under the battery is quite good. The battery sits on its original support. The frame rail on the passenger side has a rust hole on the very bottom, but the chassis hasnt started to sag. The door still closes nicely. The rocker panel on the passenger side is missing, so the chassis can be inspected easily. The most serious rust is behind the rear seats at rear edge of the pan. The pan also is rusted in the foot-well of the passenger compartment.

The trunk in the rear is much less rusty than most 914's that I have seen. The front trunk is not rusty and has not had holes cut for a dealer-installed A/C system.


The best part of this car is the drivetrain. It has a 1973 "GA" 2.0 liter engine with dual Weber carburetors. The engine runs and has very good torque & power after it warms up. The carburetors need to be cleaned out and re-jetted to eliminate some flat spots and improve smoothness over the power band. The oil has been changed and the valves adjusted. The Webers have a cross-bar linkage. The engine has had a compression test and it did not reveal a problem with any cylinder. The pressure plate looks new as viewed through the hole in the bottom of the bellhousing, and the clutch pedal has a good feel. The transmission is a side shift from 1973 and has new shift bushings from the shift lever back. This is one of the best shifting 914's that I have ever driven. The heat exchangers are not connected, so the heating system is not operational. The muffler is new.


The suspension is stock with no known modifications. The wheels and tires hold air well and are ready to travel. I do have a set of FUCHS wheels and Mahle wheels that I could substitute for these wheels for additional money. The parking brake is missing some pieces so it is not working.


Optima battery installed. There are several problems with the electrical system. The windshield wipers, gas guage, and turn signals need some work. I think that the turn signal problem is a bad flasher switch.


The interior has tan seats, back panel, and door panels. There is no carpet in the car. The dashboard is missing some trim pieces.

Price $2,700

For more information email Sterling Skinner at:


or call (404) 323-0173 between 9AM and 9PM

This car is in Midtown Atlanta near exit 252 on I-75